What is BlastBeat?

Do you want to get involved in the entertainment industry and stage your own gigs? Do you want to set up your own events company, help local acts get record or management deals, earn money for yourself, while raising money for charities or your own youth club and participate in our final event in the O2 or similar major venue while making new friends, learning life skills and having great fun? That’s what BlastBeat gives you.

BlastBeat is an award winning, fun and exciting music and multimedia business programme offered to young people around the country to teach social entrepreneurial business skills, promote young musicians, and support youth communities on a local and national level. BlastBeat leverages young people’s interests in music, social media and friends to help charities they choose, and empower themselves in the process.

BlastBeat Education UK (BlastBeat) is a registered UK Charity No. 1136121. The UK Department for Education has approved and funded the BlastBeat Programme, as have charitable trusts like the Big Lottery and corporate entities.

BlastBeat inspires young people to get involved and engaged in the practical side the learning process. BlastBeat is particularly successful at engaging those who are at risk of dropping out or becoming NEETs, by allowing young people to shine and work at what they are interested in and passionate about.

BlastBeat brings both fun and relevance into the education process, leading to highly motivated young entrepreneurs who love being part of the BlastBeat movement. It really works, (see the many video testimonials on our youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/BlastBeatUK).

Download the BlastBeat summary or get involved by emailing info@blastbeat.org !