What We Do

Blastbeat Education UK Is a registered UK charity (no 1136121that has developed a multi-award winning social enterprise programme that leverages young people’s interest in Music & Sport to engage them in learning life skills and more. Participants are exposed to alternative career paths and opportunities as they learn by doing via an event management & creative social enterprise creation programme.

This empowers young people to experience what it is to work together in the workplace as team and as social entrepreneurs. They choose from 14 jobs or roles they want to try out and follow a structured four stage four month programme to stage a sporting and music event as part of a national competition. The best individuals, teams and acts get funded to continue their good work and improve their life skills and career opportunities going forward.  

The Blastbeat Programme

  • Blastbeat leverages young people’s passion in music, sport, social media, multimedia and earning money to engage them in a structured and proven ‘learning by doing’ process.

  • Participants set up their own Event Social Enterprise (ESE) to organise a concert / battle of the acts for their peers, plus a sporting event (e.g. 6 a side football tournament of an e-sport FIFA tournament). They donate 25% of their profits to a local cause or charity of their choosing. 

  • Blastbeat has two competitions in one: the first is around social enterprise and event creation; the other is around original music. The ESE teams compete to create the best events promoting team, they can get BTec/ GCSE, or A Level credits for successful completion of the programme.

  • Participants decide their own ‘jobs” from 14 roles on offer to engage in a national competition based around being the best events team or ESE in the country.

  • They all come together to present their work and get their final marks at the end of the programme at a social enterprise showcase. They also participate in the Blastbeat Finals in a major venue where the best ESE’s gain awards and funding going forward.

  • The best acts the ESE’s have discovered compete to be the best music acts at a major music showcase of unsigned talent with big headline acts

  • Dedicated staff and local mentors will be using the new interactive Blastbeat / FootBeat ‘Enterprise Social Media Platform’ that will support delivery within football academies and clubs. 

  • Participants partake in sustainable, fun, enterprise creation activities with proven pedagogy and strong career creation opportunities. Thus they acquire key workplace, life skills and alternative careers.

  • Young people will benefit from real and practical exposure to wider social, moral and cultural education, encouraging more responsible, engaging citizens. Scholars establish lasting cross community intergenerational community relationship.

  • Blastbeat unlocks the potential of participants to do their best and builds bridges between the world of education and the workplace.

  • Blastbeat develops a creative youth movement for community social capital creation, with a proven pedagogy that works in schools, colleges, youth and sporting clubs in the UK since 2009.

Attention Scholars! Do you want to be involved ?

  • Do you want to get involved in the business side of sport and music, stage your own events and gigs, make money and new friends?
  • Do you want to earn money for yourself and your team, while also raising funds for charities or your own academy, youth or sports club?
  • Do you want to create your own Events Company or team to organise battles of the bands/ acts and FIFA tournaments or 6 a side celebrity football events.
  • You can also help local acts to be seen and to get on the right road to achieving recording, publishing or management deals and know how to make money as independent artists and live music promoters? 
  • You and your teammates can do all of this, while learning life and business skills while having fun and making money in the process!
  • You can also use this programme towards your BTec and GCSE course work.

Competition Rules

Outline of the Rules of the Blastbeat Music Challenge competition

  • Any style music is acceptable as long as the music / lyrics are not obscene, racist, offensive or inappropriate in that they could cause offence to any young or family audience.
  • No contestant artist or band member can be over the age of 25 on the day of the ESE Music competition taking place
  • No act can have a major or large independent record deal or publishing deal at the time of their first ESE event
  • Each Act participating will perform two or three original songs as directed by the officers of Blastbeat Education UK
  • The wining act will be determined by a panel of independent  judges approved by Blastbeat Education UK
  • The marking will be based on 6 criteria, originality, songwriting, performance, musicality, image and the ‘blast factor*’ (star potential)
  • The judges decision will be final,once made and announced there is no right of appeal to the judges decision.
  • Blastbeat Education UK, The Organisers, The ESE’s or the Clubs or their officers or management have the absolute right to refuse any acts participation for whatever reason, including Health and Safety.
  • The Acts participating will agree to share equipment like backline, drums, amps etc as directed by the organisers and will agree to the terms and conditions of the competition by agreeing to take part in the competition.
  • Participating acts agree to be filmed, interviewed and photographed and to their images and likenesses and music being used to promote and market the events and Blastbeat before and after the event.
  • Blastbeat Education UK reserves the right to change the terms of the competition and these rules at any time.