So are you interested in hearing more about this?

  • If so, we will present the opportunity to you and your mates so you can ask any questions and decide if this is for you.
  • If you want to go for it, then we will help you every step of the way set up your own events company to organise your own events, gigs, battle of the bands or acts, e-sport, FiFa competitions.
  • You will also find new talent, bands, acts, make videos, design flyers, posters, then market and sell your event, promoting yourselves and your team goals while championing the acts that you discover and the charity or cause that you want to support.
  • This action will be a very beneficial experience to have in life and on your CV as Blastbeat is unlocking the potential for you to be the best you can be.


Priscilla Ngethe was a Blastbeat CEO winner from Acton in 2010 who went on to Brit School and graduated to do Multimedia & Journalism at Bournemouth University. Priscilla ran events to help pay for University and is a Blastbeat Ambassador. Now aged 23, is a BBC reporter and social entrepreneur.

When Priscilla was 15 she was the winning CEO of her Blastbeat Event Social Enterprise, she said “Blastbeat changed my life because it opened up so many new doors. If I didn’t do blastbeat I wouldn’t be where I am now…the reason that I took that path is because Blastbeat’s opened up multi media stuff to me, like entrepreneurial skills, it’s taught me how to apply and how to be confident, so it has changed my life”

Jamesy Ellet, 22, James Ellet, Artist manager at Modest management (Olly Murs, Scouting for Girls, Katherine Jenkins, Niall Horan, Allison Moyet etc). “Blastbeat has given me a great career path. It’s given me an actual job. It’s given me a way of bringing home money”.

Jamesy was a Blastbeat CEO when he was 15, he managed his friend Elyar Fox who played at the finals in the 02 Arena to 14,000 people. Blastbeat employed Jamsey after he left school at 16 and mentored him for two years until he got a full time job in the music business he is so passionate about.
Elyar continued to work with Jamesy who helped him to get singed to Polydor records (Universal) and Global Management in 2012.
As a direct result of all this, Jamsey has a very good career in the music business in LA and London.

Jermain Jackman, (23) winner of The Voice on BBC TV in 2014, now a Sociology and Politics student in Leeds University, as well as a singer and is very involved in the Labour Party and as a Youth Leader in Hackney and a political activist.
He was just 16 when he completed the Blastbeat programme he stated then
“My confidence has improved a lot by being in Blastbeat. I got the chance to perform on the 02 main stage. At the start of Blastbeat my confidence wasn’t that high at all, performing wise and being in the company and being the CEO of the events company. But then as I got to network, as I got to feel the energy of the business and performances my confidence did rise a lot”.

He was the Blastbeat Music winner at age 16 and has been a Blastbeat Ambassador ever since. Blastbeat represented and mentoring him until he won The Voice on BBC TV in 2014 and released his debut album in 2015.
Jermain was cited as an example in the Government Positive For Youth paper in Dec 2011 and is now a Professional Singer, Performer, Social Entrepreneur and Youth Leader.
Jermain has gone on with Blastbeat’s help to win many competitions and awards. In Nov 2012 he won the sprit of London award and The Harlem to Hackney competition and performed in NY at the famous Apollo.

Duane Boaschie (23) Actor, Presenter, MC and Comedian. Duane got engaged with Blastbeat when he was 18 as MC at various events and that involvement ad a profound effect as it showed him a better path and recognized his talents were on stage and to camera as an entertainer, comedian actor MC and communicator. He now is a regular actor on Hollyoaks the very popular soap TV series.

“Blastbeat’s changed my life like dramatically, like I can’t even explain it. It’s like took me from being a normal guy on the roads, on the streets like just doing what normal kids do, like causing trouble n that, no real ambition. It’s took me from that to actually trying to do something positive with my life.
If I didn’t get involved in Blastbeat, I don’t know, I’d probably be in the cells right now. Seriously, I don’t know it’s like, when you aint got nothing to do with your life, you’ve got nothing to lose innit, but now I’ve got to think twice before I do something. So if someone gets me angry instead of reacting in a certain way
I’ve got to think twice now because I’ve gotta think rahh, I might have a show in about weeks time, so if I’ve got a show in a weeks time or if I got a show tomorrow I can’t react in this way because i’ll be in the cells and I’ll miss out on the show”.

Kwamz (22) Songwriter, Artist, Rapper, Model & Social Media Manager. At age 16 Ato was not doing well in school and had many fears and difficulties. Then Blastbeat came into his life and he has never looked back… As a direct result of his work with Blastbeat over 4 years, Ato started to develop a career in Music and was employed by Blastbeat as a Social Media manager. He went on to be the Blastbeat area manager and mentor in London. As a result of all this and his CV and interviews he was offered a place at Leeds University even though he had no A levels.

“In one year Blastbeat completely changed my life, I’ve worked hard and I think what Blastbeat is, in a sense is, if you work hard with Blastbeat and you are actually committed and you actually want it then it can have such an influence on your life.
Blastbeat has changed my life because it has allowed me to set up my own company; it’s made me so confident. It’s allowed me to meet so many different people, across the country, travel the country throughout these last years.
Within that time I started as an artist with Blastbeat, setting up my own events company, which did very well and we had a very successful event where bands from all over my city came together and performed & went on to the 02 arena. I lived in London working as a social media manager and as an artist and mentor. I love the vision of Blastbeat, especially with the country that we live in, in England, there’s a lot of kids that want to do different kinds of things and want to be involved in the entertainments industry and want to do stuff like that.
And those kinds of kids might be from backgrounds where it’s hard for them to even do well in school sometimes. Blastbeat really helps children like that and helps young people like that and it’s so nice to see them have the opportunity and have fun and have a good time and be able to work together, people from all different backgrounds can come together as well in a Blastbeat programme which doesn’t usually happen and it can make people understand that you can work with all different kinds of people and you NEED all different kinds of people to make it work.”

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